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Lignorim USA Brings Wooden Hand Rims to Wheelchair Market

One of the new additions to the manual wheelchair market is a hand rim constructed from ash wood.  Lignorim, from Austria, have been producing wooden hand rims for over a decade.  Unlike any other typical hand rim product made from various alloys that leave your hands hot  (or cold) and black, it is hard to beat the feel and comfort found in a natural, not to mention sustainable, wooden hand rim.

Available in four different shapes and nine different colors, Lignorim gives users a new choice not only material, but also color options.  The colors pop and of course there is the natural and dark colors that allow the grain of the wood to really come through.  Dealer and OEM pricing through Lignorim USA is available upon request.

Lignorim has several advantages, like a 3rd hole on the tab, giving users something new to consider.  Standard hand rims leave you with 2 holes for mounting the hand rim on inside tab, closer to the wheel, or on the outside tab, increasing the width of your overall footprint.  Offering a 3rd choice for mounting brings refinement to the hand rim and is an enhancement to the product. 

Another added benefit; the wood will resist ambient temperatures.  In other words, if the hand rims are sitting in the sun, when you come back to them to use them, they will not be as hot to the touch as metal hand rims.  It is even nicer in cold weather and there is no match for the Lignorim in the rain and wet conditions.

If you in the market for some new hand rims and are someone who considers themselves to be a savvy wheelchair user, do not overlook Lignorim.  In my 30+ years pushing a wheelchair, it is by far a standout in aftermarket accessories.

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