What kind of wood is used to make Lignorims?  Our hand rims are constructed from Ash wood.  Ash is a durable hardwood. It's also used for making baseball bats, so you know it can take a beating!

If I rub or scratch the hand rim too hard, will it burr or give me splinters?  The short answer is no.  Unlike softer alloys like aluminum, there will be no edge or protruding burr from the Lignorim wood.

How are Lignorims constructed?  The Lignorims use a proprietary laminar structure, which give incredible strength to the hand rims.  They will be equal to or stronger than titanium or aluminum hand rims.

How do the Lignorims attach to my wheels?  Lignorims use a standard 6-tab mount. However we offer a third hole option for an additional mounting position, while other rims only have two.

How will the wood react to water and wet conditions?  These hand rims are perfect for wet environments.  Due to the natural feel and texture of the Ash, the hand rims will not feel slick. Additionally, exposure to wet conditions over time will not warp or deform the rim.

How do Lignorims handle extreme temperatures?  Because of the natural elements found in Ash, the hand rims will not collect radiant heat or cold.  The hand rims do not react heavily to extreme temperatures, therefore, when you touch your Lignorims they will always feel good.  Never too hot and never freezing cold.

How do I clean my Lignorims?  Due to the finish of the hand rim being treated with natural oils, you can use warm soapy water to clean off any transfer or blemish. 

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE ACETONE or ANY SOLVENTS on Lignorims as it will remove the finish and damage the integrity and color of the rim.

Will Lignorims burn my hands or fingers when going fast downhill?  Due to the natural wood having low thermal conductivity, Lignorims will get warmer than normal aluminum hand rims if moving quickly downhill, especially if you over-grip when braking. However in everyday settings, Lignormis perform better than their alloy counterparts.

Does Lignorim offer different shapes or colors?  Lignorims are available in 4 shapes; Light, Medium, Big and Prime.  These 4 shapes are available in 3 standard colors and 6 custom colors.

What sizes are Lignorims available in?  Any shape and color combination can be made into 24" (540), 25" (559) and 26" (590) size.

Why would I ever use wooden hand rims?  There are several advantages and benefits of using wooden hand rims - here is a short list!

  • Never too hot or too cold to the touch, no matter outside temp
  • Unmatched performance in wet conditions
  • Go Green by using a natural element from the earth
  • Choose between 3 mounting positions on the tab
  • 4 ergonomic shapes to choose from
  • Look better as they wear over time